The NPAFE mission includes offering free marketing and promotional services to performing artists.

Here’s a summary of how it works.


Our focus at the National Performing Arts Funding Exchange – NPAFE – is to increase the total amount of funding for the Performing Arts – especially dance. NPAFE is doing this fully aware that the total amount of funding from public sources for the Performing Arts is decreasing, not increasing, and that this has been happening for years – even decades.

  1. Rather than NPAFE seeking funding from governments, arts councils, foundations, wealthy people, or competing in any way for the same funds sought by creators like you, we go directly to major commercial brands, ones that have genuine Corporate Social Responsibility policies. We offer those potential corporate sponsors a compelling opportunity to support dance using a portion of funds they normally spend on sponsoring sports (e.g. soccer / football / tennis / golf / the World Cup / the Olympics).
  2. Our backgrounds and careers here at NPAFE are in marketing as well as the Performing Arts. When we contact possible corporate sponsors, we emphasize the great value you offer to your audiences, to your communities, to your students, generally to the world – and certainly to the organizations that support you financially. Because we are experienced marketers, we also present statistical data to these potential corporate sponsors proving that the opportunity to support you will benefit them.
  3. NPAFE does not require performing artists to apply to receive our services. Instead, just like the way you and we may have become Facebook friends, we meet artists like you (usually on the internet but sometimes in person) whose years of creativity, dedication and hard work –YOUR years of creativity, dedication and hard work – is self-evident.
  4. We then offer these artists ALL of our marketing and promotional services for free – including the marketing you see on the NPAFE website (example 1). These free marketing services are central to NPAFE’s mission.

Our goal always is to write the “story” about you and what you hope to achieve by yourself and with others, whether independently or in a performing arts company. What always makes your story compelling are words about your impossible dreams, what everyone else may say can’t be done but which you know CAN be done: what drives you forward, the elements of who YOU really are and what YOU really want to achieve.

That is what makes you unique and special: we will capture your uniqueness in words that will impress anyone who reads them. And you always get to approve what we say about you before anyone else sees it.

The process is simple and easy. We begin with your cv or any other existing information, images, and video links you can share with us. We will then ask you for a few points indicating what you REALLY hope to achieve. If you are ready to start, email the information to info@npafe.org. Or, use the form above to find out more.

Please keep these two factors in mind.

  • NPAFE is LGBTQIA friendly and offers its free services only to serious performing artists with a professional career in the Performing Arts.
  • NPAFE reserves the right to withhold its services to individuals or groups at its own and sole discretion.

We hope this information helps. And we hope to hear back from you soon!


Cliff Brody


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