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May I ask you a question about
the NPAFE mission?

The National Performing Arts Funding Exchange – NPAFE – works to increase funding for the Performing Arts – especially dance – by proving to commercial companies that they will build better customer respect and loyalty by supporting the Performing Arts the same way they spend funds for sports marketing.

That’s me, Cliff Brody.
I head NPAFE.

We only approach major brands that believe in Corporate Social Responsibility. Many have supported the Performing Arts in previous years but are looking for better ways to continue.

We answer that question with marketing data proving that it is in their interests to financially support dance and the other performing arts. We also document the lasting value you offer to your audiences, your communities, your students, and the public and government organizations that have already supported you financially.

At the same time we are doing that, we offer YOU as a performing artist all of our marketing and promotional services for free – including the publicity about you that these companies see on the NPAFE website (example 1).

And, because NPAFE itself is not a performing arts organization or booking agent, we fully respect any contractual or agent relationship that a performing artist may have. Here’s more about how NPAFE’s free marketing and promotional services work for performing artists.

Our question is this: what one, two or three corporate brands do YOU believe should be financially supporting dance? Tell us, and we’ll ask them to do it.

And whenever you decide to become a NPAFE member (it’s free), and whenever you help us create a free promotional page about you like the one in the example, we’ll tell them why they should be financially supporting you! That’s free, too!

Your response here to the question will stay within NPAFE: our privacy policy is firm about how we respect your information.


Clifford Brody, CEO

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