Why Join NPAFE?

When you become an NPAFE member, you will join forces with performing artists all around the country in the nation’s only non-profit focused solely on locating direct corporate funding to support your career development and success in the performing arts: theater, music, and especially modern dance and contemporary ballet.

Plus, you will have your very own NPAFE profile page, which you can use anytime, anywhere, to point to your own skills and achievement, and promote yourself anywhere in the world.

Everything — and we mean EVERYTHING! — that NPAFE does for performing artists here and everywhere else is free. That’s a big win for you.

So join today!

An exclamation point (!) indicates the info required now; you can provide the rest later, including linking NPAFE website visitors directly to your own web page, images, videos from Vimeo and YouTube, even Soundtrack files.

The following questions are optional. You can answer them now or later on your profile page.