August 21, 2017 – Newsletter – Social Media: Statistics

The NPAFE Team has been hard at work this summer with an especially intense focus on our social media presence. A lot of our hours have been put into identifying our audience, pinpointing their interests, and determining how that differs from platform to platform. Due to consistent daily posting on all platforms, we have increased traffic on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages multiple times over.

Since May, our monthly Twitter impressions have grown from under 250 to over 6,000. That’s almost as many impressions per day as we used to achieve in a whole month! Likewise, on Facebook and Instagram we have doubled our follower count. The most surprising, our Facebook video views increased 483% over the summer months.

It is important to note that we have grown our following completely organically, without any paid promotion. To continue these trends we plan on increasing our consistent posting habits on all platforms to increase post reactions, maintain our use of creative hashtags in order to draw in new followers, and develop new ideas to engage our followers to further entertain our audience.

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