How NPAFE’s AAlchemy Is Meeting
the Demand for Today’s New
Immersive Video Format.

..NPAFE’s AAlchemy initiative exists to showcase the filmed work product resulting from innovative collaboration between choreographers and dancers on the one hand, and their video, cinematography and production teams on the other.

photo credit: ShareGrid

AAlchemy’s own streaming platform is “AAlchemy Online”, the actual pilot to incentivize Netflix to stream these creators’ video work product, with 90% or more of any revenue earned going back to the creators. Our partnerships with Amazon Prime and YouTube already exist; we will launch the AAlchemy Online pilot on those platforms in Spring 2023.

More importantly, AAlchemy is raising more than $7 million to be allocated to choreographers and dancers with close collaborative relationships with videographers and technical teams to create “Immersion Of The Mind”TM 2D immersive videos centered on dance.

This AAlchemy web page explains what Immersion Of The Mind means in actual practice; it includes video examples pointing to the exceptional talent of that small handful of creators who are developing this special immersive cinematic art.

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