Sports Marketing for Modern Dance? Contemporary Ballet? Yes, Says NPAFE

Washington, D.C., March 9, 2017: The National Performing Arts Funding Exchange today announced…

…a three-year $5,750,000 campaign for direct corporate financial support for the Performing Arts. The funds would go straight to performing artists all around the United States.

The Washington, DC-based nonprofit claims that its planned three-year money raise is the nation’s first sustained effort to bypass donations, grants, and individual gifts that traditionally have underpinned performing artists.

Instead, NPAFE is centered on direct corporate funding commitments, usually coming out of a company’s marketing budget. In return and over a sustained period of time, NPAFE, performing artists themselves, and their 30+ million high-loyalty audience actively associate the sponsor’s brand with the proven creativity and entrepreneurial excellence of the nation’s broad community of professional performing artists.

Read the entire press release here…
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