WeWork to Host NPAFE – Company Danzante Staging of DanceFactor World Premiere in Downtown DC on Nov. 15

Washington, D.C., November 1, 2016: The National Performing Arts Funding Exchange today announced…

…the first DanceFactor performance bridging the worlds of business entrepreneurs and performing arts entrepreneurs, hosted by WeWork in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, November 15, 2016.

Choreographed and performed by Company Danzante, one of the Middle Atlantic region’s most acclaimed dance companies, the new dance and mixed media piece will marry the theme of artists as creative entrepreneurs to the core philosophy of shared community and entrepreneurial collaboration.

“This DanceFactor event offers the DC-area business community more than a premiere world class performance,” says NPAFE’s CEO Cliff Brody. “Choreographers and dancers like Danzante have assembled an enviable catalogue of solutions to overcome every challenge standing in the way of entrepreneurial success. They translate abstract what-we-want-to do’s into how-to-get-things-done solutions all the time.” Brody believes performing artists like Danzante are better than most at breaking through silos blocking successful business collaboration. “And they have been anchoring cross-generational brand loyalty for decades,” he adds.

NPAFE’s initiative to seek out WeWork as host for the first DanceFactor series performance reflects what happened when NPAFE moved its own headquarters to WeWork Dupont Circle…. (to see the entire press release, click here… requires Adobe Reader)